• Ranger TVC – Desert

    See the All-New Ranger take on the fearsome Skeleton Coast in Ford’s new television commercial.

    Soft sand and a tonne in the back

    • Ease of electronic shift-on-the-fly to change between 4×2 and 4×4 Low or High.
    • 6-speed auto transmission and driver recognition software allow the engine’s 147kW of power and 470Nm of torque to be maximised.
    • Brake support auto downshift provides engine braking and optimal gear selection.

    Traction control versus locking rear diff

    • Compares the performance of the traction control system and Locking Rear Differential (LRD).
    • Comparison of 4×4 high and 4×2.
    • Ease of changing between 4×2 and 4×4 using electronic shift-on-the-fly.

    800mm water wading on 4×2 Hi-Rider and 4×4 models

    • Compares All-New Ranger’s class-leading river-crossing capability with a couple of its competitors.
    • Critical engine components have been repositioned high in the bonnet.
    • Easily navigates the soft riverbed at the deepest point of the river.

    Down a mountain, no foot on the brake pedal

    • Vehicle speed is controlled by Hill Descent Control.
    • Brake pressure is applied to each wheel independently for maximum traction.
    • When wheel spin is detected, the traction control system sends torque only to wheels with grip.
  • More rear legroom than ever before

    More rear legroom than ever before
    • Extra legroom in the back of the Double Cab.
    • More comfortable and more practical.
    • Larger door and re-positioned rear pillar make it easy to get people and equipment in and out.
  • Safety all-round with more airbags

    Safety all-round with more airbags
    • Driver and front passenger, side curtain and side seat airbags standard on XLT models.
    • All-new frame and body structure work like an integrated safety shield.